Welcome to the website for Gothenburg Culture Festival!

When it’s time for the festival, you will be able to read all kinds of useful things here – take part in the program, find information that can be useful before your visit, on-site at the festival, and more. Until then, you can, for example, read about our extensive work with various sustainability issues. We look forward to seeing you at the next festival!

Latest News

It has been decided – Gothenburg’s Culture Festival will be back 2021

On 20–22 August 2021, there will be a Culture Festival in Gothenburg, in a different and adapted way. A Cultural Festival is now being planned that can be carried out even if restrictions remain; for the sake of culture, art, industry and Gothenburgers.

We are investing in creating a hybrid festival where some of the program acts will be digital. The program acts that take place out in the city must be able to be implemented safely under current restrictions, but it must also be possible to scale up if the restrictions ease. The only thing that could put a stop is a total shutdown.

A different culture festival

In 2020, Gothenburg’s Kulturkalas, like many other events, had to be canceled. In 2021, culture, art and industry will be in focus. The Gothenburg Culture Festival will use existing stages and places around the city and collaborate with established actors, who have been hit hard during the year.

This year, it is extra important that the majority of the budget goes to bookings of program items to support cultural practitioners and industry. That is why we mainly use the scenes that already exist.

About the festival

The culture festival takes responsibility for the development

The Gothenburg Culture Festival wants to be more than a festival – we want to contribute and inspire a positive development. Of our city and of the planet we live on. Therefore, since 2008, we have worked actively with sustainability from three angles: environmentally, economically and socially. We strive to challenge the limits of how sustainable an event can be. It is our responsibility as organizers and as inhabitants of the earth. On this page you can read about our sustainability work.

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Our Mission

Gothenburg Culture Festival is carried out by Göteborg & Co, on behalf of the City of Gothenburg, with the support of Näringslivsgruppen Göteborg & Co. The festival is also funded together with our fantastic partners.