Learn how to create beats

DJ Dogbite teaches you how to create beats with MPC

Kviberg - Pjäshallen, Hall A Friday August 20, 17:00 - 18:00

Gothenburg Culture Festival is over and the booking is closed!


See DJ Dogbite, rapper and music creator, producing beats with MPC. During the session, you will receive tips and advice on how to create beats a little differently than with the traditional music programs.

DJ Dogbite, together with Chad Bogus created the album TRESEXTI which in 2020 was named this year's EP by Kingsize.

Collaboration with: Studieförbundet Bilda Sydväst, Fryshuset väst, Göteborg & Co


Kviberg - Pjäshallen, Hall A

Övre Kaserngården 8, 415 28 Göteborg
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