Pimp my CV

Learn the basics in how to write a professional resume or "pimp" an already existing one with Fryshuset

Kviberg - Pjäshallen, Hall A Sunday August 22, 15:00 - 16:00

Gothenburg Culture Festival is over and the booking is closed!


In this workshop you can learn the basics in how to write a professional resume. This document is important for all young adults to know how to correctly fill out and keep with them throughout their careers.
Together with an experienced teacher you can either learn how to write one or improve your already existing resume.

Fryshuset has a social project called "Arbete & Entreprenörskap" (Jobs and Entrepreneurship) where the focus is to teach young adults how to correctly write a resume, where they highlight their professional attributes as well as their personal achievements and strengths.

In collaboration with: Studieförbundet Bilda Sydväst, Fryshuset väst, Göteborg & Co


Kviberg - Pjäshallen, Hall A

Övre Kaserngården 8, 415 28 Göteborg
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