It was over so fast, but turned out so well

17 August 2020

The weeks go by so fast. Just a while ago, we were ready to start up Kulturkalaset’s project with summer workers in 2020 and now, suddenly, it’s already over. Our wonderful summer workers have done their last task and performed their last show. For this project anyway. But even though it has gone by so fast, it has been a very pleasant and good experience.

We have been around all of Gothenburg, with groups who have cleaned our outdoor environment and who have inventoried stairs, trash cans, bike paths, and more. We have toured with performance groups that have performed their work for residents in sheltered housing, from east to west and north to south. We have been out in torrential rain and scorching sun, and all sorts of weather in between.

The work of both the environmental groups and the performance groups has been an appreciated element in the cityscape, and we are happy that we chose to let our already hired summer workers do work – even if the work turned out to be a little different than we intended. Gothenburg Culture Festival 2020 was canceled, but we hope that you still got something good and valuable out of the three weeks working with us. A big and heartfelt thank you to you all our workers for your great efforts!

And an equally heartfelt thank you to all of the contact persons and the audience at the safe housings we visited!

We would also, again and again, like to thank our partners within the City of Gothenburg: Arb.Vux, Got Event, the Traffic Office, and Senior Göteborg – without your efforts this project would not have been possible. A special thank you to the Swedish Transport Administration for the cooperation with the bicycles Styr & Ställ, which meant that we could help not to burden public transport but keep distance in these times of uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take care of yourself and do not forget to keep your distance and wash your hands!

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