At the festival

Before your visit

On this page you will find information that can be useful before your visit and on-site at the festival.

Festival Map

Here you will be able to take part in the Gothenburg Culture Festival map. We will return with an updated map when it’s time for the festival again.

Information tent

You will find a lot of information here on our website and in our printed program magazine. During the festival, we also have an information tent downtown at the main festival site, where you are welcome to stop by with any questions you might have.

If pre-registration or a ticket is required

For most activities, no ticket or pre-registration is required. In some cases, for example, the size of the room or other space may limit the number of places available. In that case, you may need to register in advance or pick up a ticket. Tickets and pre-registration are free.

Please note that the Gothenburg Culture Festival is not involved in any pre-registration or ticket delivery. It is up to each activity organizer to take care of this.

In cases where a ticket or pre-registration is required, information about it will be found in the activity description field in the digital program here on the website. (However not in the printed program magazine). Go to the menu option Program (when available), click on the activity you are interested in and read there the instructions for how to register or pick up a ticket.


Accessibility for everyone on equal terms is an important part of the Gothenburg Culture Festival and one of our core values. While not fully accessible, the work in this field is constantly evolving and we are always working to improve. Gothenburg Culture Festival takes place on the city’s streets and town squares, and has the same accessibility as that of the city. In addition, the Gothenburg Culture Festival works with:

Printed program magazine

In addition to the digital program that you will find here on the website (when it is published), we also produce a printed program magazine for each festival. When the printed program magazine is ready, which is usually the week before the festival starts, it will be distributed to most households in the city of Gothenburg. It will also be available at the Gothenburg Tourist Office and at the festival sites during the ongoing festival.

Here on the website, we will also publish a browsable, digital version of the printed program magazine. When available, you will find a clickable link to it here.

What you can do when you visit GCF

Bring your own lunch box or cup...

… And get a 10 % discount on food and drink. Make an effort for the environment and at the same time save money. How great! If you don’t have an own lunch box with you, you can eat food on real plates (porcelain) in Green Corner or order food on re-usable deposit plates at the Basargatan food market.

Choose local, vegetarian or vegan

Choosing local alternatives or eating less meat is a great way to reduce your environmental impact. There are plenty of tasty local, plant-based, and (lacto-ovo) vegetarian options when you buy food from our vendors.

Free tap water at our water refill stations

At GCF our vendors do not sell bottled water. Instead, bring your own bottle and refill at our water stations. There are plenty of refill stations in the city and in the festival areas, look at the map. It’s tasty, cheap and good for the environment!

Leave the car at home

Today’s car traffic negatively affects both nature and human health. So if you can – go with public transport, ride a bike or walk when you visit GCF. Here you will find Gothenburg’s public transport

Recycle your waste

By separating our waste, much can be recycled and turned into new products, then we save energy and natural resources. GCF works hard to recycle as much of the festival’s waste as possible. You can help us, recycling stations are available at all festival areas.

Take care of each other

At GCF, people gather who otherwise might never have met. We are all part of Gothenburg and for a few days we can experience culture and joy on the city streets together. Take care of each other and take the opportunity to say hello to someone you did not know from before.