New deposit system for plates and cutlery

Back in 2019, we trialled a small-scale deposit system in partnership with Light My Fire. Visitors who wanted a single-use free eating experience had the option of purchasing a high quality lunch box, and then keeping it or returning it to get their deposit refunded. The system was used by around 500 people.

Following this successful trial, we have now decided to develop the system for the future. We will rent around 12,000 reusable plates that can be used, returned for a deposit refund, washed and reused, and then returned to the supplier after the festival.

The system is intended to work as follows:
When you buy food from our food vendors, you will pay an extra SEK 30 for a plate and a spork (a combined form, spoon and knife). To claim your deposit back, you will need to download the PantaPå app on your phone. Information about the app will be available on tables and from all food vendors. When you have finished eating, you simply take the plate and spork to one of the deposit return stations and scan a QR code using the app. The deposit will then be paid back into your account. Plates and sporks will then be washed and reused.

The deposit return stations will be located in the food area. One of the stations will also work as a dish trolley and collection point for food vendors.

We expect a third of all food at future Gothenburg Culture Festivals – around 40,000 portions – to be served on deposit return plates. This means 40,000 fewer single-use plates and cutlery, resulting in lower carbon dioxide emissions and a better environment. Together, we can contribute towards a cleaner, more sustainable, more enjoyable festival!

This project has been made possible thanks to a development grant from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Waste Management Association.

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