Gothenburg Culture Festival is an important meeting place for people and experiences. Our visitor surveys confirm that the atmosphere, the mood and the sense of unity are seen as the best things about the festival. They also show that the Gothenburg Culture Festival is seen as a setting where people can come together more easily.

When planning the programme, active efforts are made to achieve a good mix of ages and forms of cultural expression in the city, as this has proven to be a successful way of ensuring calm days. At the festival, no one should feel excluded due to their gender, ethnicity, functionality, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion or age. We won Equalisters’ Justice Award 2015 for our gender equality work , and in 2016 we won the LiveApan Initiative of the Year award.

Physical accessibility is ensured wherever possible, including spectator areas for wheelchair users, as well as audio description and sign language interpreting. The mix of artists and cultural expressions should be as inclusive as possible. The involvement of Region Västra Götaland makes a major contribution towards the multifaceted nature and high quality of the programme.

We work with Team Göteborg in connection with volunteers. This is a social project in which young people are involved in a number of important events all year round, with the aim of giving them qualifications and experience and putting them in a better position to enter the labour market.

Working with the city’s districts

Since 2015, the Gothenburg Culture Festival has worked in partnership with Mosaikfabriken to visit various district festivals held around Gothenburg during the springtime. The residents of these districts have worked together to create mosaic artworks that now form the concrete retaining wall on the square Kungstorget in the heart of Gothenburg.

We have made the biggest difference by including children and young people from different districts – bringing them together with their classes, across district boundaries – to get to know each other and create mosaics together. The symbolism of placing the mosaics on Kungstorget is much greater than it might at first appear. Suddenly, these children and young people can feel a sense of belonging in the city centre, and thus a feeling of identification that many people lack. Many of these young people would have never met each other were it not for the mosaic project.

Today, there are 28 mosaic-clad retaining walls on Kungstorget. We attach great value to our cooperation with Mosaikfabriken and the cultural school in Eastern Gothenburg, and the results show the importance of increased collaboration in which existing activities such as those in Gothenburg can gain a more prominent position.

Under the guidance of Nasrin Pakkho, pupils from the cultural school have produced two documentary films to mark the coming together of children from different schools and districts.

Fairtrade City Göteborg

The Gothenburg Culture Festival meets the criteria for Fairtrade City Göteborg. This includes all the coffee, tea and sugar served being ethically labelled. All food vendors must have at least one ethically labelled product on offer.

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