Demands on our food vendors

The festival’s environmental requirements for food vendors

Gothenburg & Co has been an environmentally certified company since 2008. Every year, the Gothenburg Culture Festival undergoes an inspection to receive an environmental diploma for events. As a contracting party, you commit, in addition to following our requirements, to actively choose environmentally sustainable products and to counteract all forms of waste.

NOTE! If you do not meet the environmental requirements, GCF has the right to close your sales location.


• All waste must be sorted. There are collection bins for combustible, food waste, cooking oil, metal, glass, paper packaging, plastic, and cardboard.
• Garbage bags must be made of paper, cornstarch, or recycled plastic.
• No portion packages for milk, sugar, salt, etc. may be used.
• No advertising or advertising in the form of flyers may be distributed.
• Flammable waste and electronic waste must be separated and transported to the municipality’s recycling station.
• As a waste prevention measure, visitors who bring their own (obviously clean and fresh) multi-use food box and/or drinking cup should receive a discount.

Organic and eco-labeled foods and products

• At least six ecologically labeled foods should be in your assortment, of which five should be basic foods. Please note that spices, sauces, ketchup, etc. are not counted as basic foods. But of course, it is good if these are also organic.
• At least 30% of your total supply must be organic.
• Coffee, tea, and sugar served should always be ecologically and ethically labeled.
• Milk served during GCF should be organic.
• Meat, chicken, and eggs should be green on WWF’s meat guide.
• Seafood must be green on WWF’s fish guide. This means that it comes from sustainable stocks. MSC and ASC are good labels to follow.
• Avoid disposable materials. The material must be ecolabelled and made of paper. Please note that no packaging or cutlery may be made of plastic or metal.
• Palm oil may only be used in cases where it is 100 percent organic or RSPO certified (check carefully if your products contain palm oil).
• All cleaning products (dishwashing detergent, hand soap, all-purpose cleaning, etc.) and all drying paper (napkins, kitchen towels, etc.) must be ecolabelled.

Environmental responsibility

• All employees at the point of sale must know the environmental requirements imposed on the business. You appoint a person as environmentally responsible, who is entered in the application.
• No water may be sold. So neither does bubble water. Gothenburg’s Cultural Festival has water stations located. It is okay to sell water bottles for refilling.

Vegetarian options

• At least three vegetarian (V) dishes should be offered and clearly marked on the menu, as well as lactose-free (L) and gluten-free (G)! A maximum of 6 dishes, of which three may contain meat.

You must review your transport and follow the city’s rules. Read more here.

You are responsible for keeping your space and common areas clean and tidy throughout the rental period. Please note that no advertising or advertising in the form of flyers may be distributed.

All requirements must be certified by inspection. If the environmental requirements are not met, the Gothenburg Cultural Festival has the right to close your sales location.

Please note that environmental requirements may be updated. Always confirm definite requirements with the environmental manager at the Gothenburg Culture Festival.

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