Social sustainability

Social sustainability

Gothenburg Culture Festival is an important meeting place, for people and experiences. Our visitor surveys confirm that the atmosphere and togetherness are what is most emphasized as the best thing about the festival. It also shows that GCF is perceived as a place that makes it easier for people to meet.

GCF works actively in the programming to achieve a good mix of ages and cultural forms in the city as this has proven to be a recipe for success for quiet days. At the festival, no one should feel excluded because of gender, ethnicity, functionality, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion, and age. We won the Fair Mediation Prize in 2015 for our work with equal stages and in 2017 we received the Live-Monkey Award for the Effort of the Year.

To the greatest extent possible, physical accessibility is created, such as wheelchair stands and visual- and sign language interpretation. The mix of artists and expressions should be as comprehensive as possible. In particular, the participation of the Västra Götaland region contributes greatly to the range of programs being multifaceted and of high quality.

We work with Team Göteborg when it comes to volunteers. It is a social project in which young people are involved in a number of city-related events all year round, with the aim of providing qualifications and experiences that provide better conditions for coming into working life.

Neighborhood work

Since 2015, GCF has collaborated with the Mosaic Factory and together we have visited several district festivals in early summer, around Gothenburg. The residents of the different districts have together been able to create works of art in mosaic, which today form concrete foundations on Kungstorget, in the middle of central Gothenburg.

We have made the biggest difference by also getting children and young people from different districts to meet with their classes, across the district boundaries, getting to know each other, and creating pictures together in a mosaic. The symbolism of then placing the mosaic on Kungstorget is much wider than it may seem. The children and young people can suddenly feel a sense of belonging to the city center and thereby get the identification that many people lack. Many of these young people would never have met if it had not been for the mosaic project.

Today there are 28 concrete foundations that are clad in mosaic on Kungstorget. We value the collaboration with Mosaikfabriken and the School of Culture in Eastern Gothenburg very highly, and the result shows the importance of more collaborations where existing operations in, for example, Gothenburg can have a more central significance.

Pupils from the Östra Cultural School have, under the guidance of Nasrin Pakkho, created two documentary films in connection with the meeting of children from different schools and districts.

Watch the movies here (in Swedish):

Säg hej i tusentals bitar del 1

Säg hej i tusentals bitar del 2

Fairtrade City Gothenburg

The cultural festival meets the criteria for Fairtrade City Gothenburg. This means, among other things, that all coffee, tea, and sugar that is served is ethically labeled. All food vendors must have at least one ethically labeled product in their range.