This year’s summer jobs has started despite the festival being canceled 2020

30 July 2020

At the beginning of June 2020, Göteborg & Co decided to cancel this year’s edition of Gothenburg Culture Festival, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, up to 150 young people, aged 16-20 had already been hired for a three-week summer job during the festival. In order to still be able to offer these young people employment and income during the three weeks, we started a project with alternative occupations, which the young people could choose to join. The project, which consists of two different, elective specializations – Performance and Environment, will be carried out around Gothenburg during weeks 31-33.

– It feels essential to be able to offer our 150 young people in Gothenburg the opportunity to complete their summer job, and therefore it was obvious to find other tasks for them, now that the festival is canceled. Our choice to create performances and work with the environment in the city is based on GCF’s long-term and very successful sustainability work, says Tasso Stafilidis, general manager for Gothenburg Culture Festival at Göteborg & Co.

– I hope that all young people feel good about and get new experiences after the three weeks of working with us. Because together with our summer workers, we contribute to reducing loneliness for the elderly by spreading art and culture as well as cleaning and inventorying in the public space with our environmental work. All this has been made possible thanks to a fantastically good collaboration with Arb.Vux, Got Event, the Traffic Office and Senior Gothenburg, operations in the City of Gothenburg, says Tasso Stafilidis.

The approximately 45 young people who have chosen the specialization Performance are divided into three groups and will in these perform for the elderly in sheltered housing around different parts of the City of Gothenburg. The performances, which are about 20-30 minutes long, are held outdoors, with a safe distance for the residents, during week 33. During the first two weeks of the summer work period, the young people participate in the further development of each show’s basic theme and its final performance and train to learn the performances. The three performances have different themes, where one is based on a text that describes different events, one is based on the basics of improvisation theater and one is in dance format. The performances are performed without dialogue.

The environmental group’s tasks focus on sanitation around the city. During weeks 31-33, you will be able to see about 100 young people around Gothenburg who, under the guidance of the City of Gothenburg’s Traffic Office, clean our outdoor environments and also help to inventory the condition of benches, walkways and bike paths, trash cans, and more.

Our hopes are that through this we can provide our fine young people with both meaningful employment and an income, something they would otherwise have lost due to the fact that this year’s edition of GCF was canceled. We would like to thank our valued partners within the City of Gothenburg: Arb.Vux, with whom we collaborated to offer young people summer jobs, Got Event, the Traffic Office, Recycling and Water, and the Senior Gothenburg / City Management Office, whose efforts were crucial for the implementation of this year’s summer jobs.

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