Here are a selection of questions and answers about this year’s Gothenburg Culture Festival. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Before the festival

On what dates will the Gothenburg Culture Festival take place?
August 20–22, 2021.

How many programme items will there be?
There will be almost 110 physical and digital programme items.

Where will the Gothenburg Culture Festival take place?
This year’s programme items will be held at 70 different locations throughout the whole of Gothenburg, and some programme items will also be live-streamed at

How much does it cost?
The Gothenburg Culture Festival’s activities are free, and are open to everyone. The only costs will be for food and drink sold by the festival’s participating food partners.

Is there any age limit?
There will be both upper and lower age limits. Full details of age limits and recommendations can be found under each programme item.

Will it be a digital festival?
It will not be a purely digital festival. Certain programme items will be digital. However, there will also be physical programme items which will be held under Covid-safe conditions.

Do I need a ticket?
All physical programme items will require booking. Booking for programme items opens here on the website at 10:00 on August 10 under each individual programme item.

Where can I see the programme?
This year’s programme will only be available here on our website.

At the festival

Which programme items will have audio description?
On the programme page, you can easily filter your search to show all programme items with audio description.

Which programme items will have sign language interpreting?
On the programme page, you can easily filter your search to show all programme items with sign language interpreting.

I lost something while visiting the festival. What do I do now?
All our partners have their own staff who deal with found items. Please contact the festival location direct. The Gothenburg Culture Festival has an information tent in the Kviberg area where you can report lost items.

Where can I find someone to ask a question about the festival?
If you have any questions, you can email, or find us on Facebook or Instagram.

Other questions about the festival

Why are there so few programme items this year?
This due to the pandemic. Our goal has always been to hold the Gothenburg Culture Festival, whatever the restrictions. In order to do so safely, there are fewer programme items this year.

Will the festival look the same as normal?
No, not entirely. The Gothenburg Culture Festival will look a little different this year. We have decided to do everything we can to ensure that a festival takes place, regardless of the pandemic situation. Naturally, it will be impossible to hold a festival in the same way as before. We will not be in the usual city centre locations, but we still hope that the people of Gothenburg will see themselves in the festival’s feeling, art and culture.

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