Here you will find the answers to the most common questions about Gothenburg Culture Festival!

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On 20 – 22 of August 2021, there will be a culture festival in Gothenburg, in a different and adapted way. A culture festival is now in the plans, that can be carried out even if restrictions remain; for the sake of culture, art, industry and gothenburgers (residents). In 2021, culture, art and industry will be in focus. The Gothenburg Culture Festival will use existing stages and places around the city and will collaborate with established performers.

This year the festival has activities in other parts of Gothenburg than usual and also online.

A map of the festival sites will be published here on the website.

The program is published digitally here on the website before each year’s festival, usually in mid-June. Once the program has been published, you will find it in the menu, under Program.

The activities during Gothenburg Culture Festival are free and open to everyone. The only thing that costs money is the food and drinks at the restaurants.

You need a ticket for the activities at Gothenburg Culture Festival this year due to limited availability due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The tickets are free of charge, as the basic principle is that everything that happens at the festival is free and open to everyone.

Information on how to register or get tickets is always found in each event description text here on the website.

Please note that the festival does not have a central system for handling pre-registration or tickets. Information on how to pre-register or pick up a ticket for an activity will be described in the digital program here on the website.

Some of the activities have an age limit. This is stated in each activities description text here on the website. If no age limit is explicitly stated, everyone is welcome.

Toilets are available at the festival sites that are participating this year.

All activities where visual interpretation is available will be found in the program here on the website.

All activities where sign language interpretation is available will be found in the program here on the website.

Things that are found will be taken care of at the various festival sites. Things found over the weekend are handed in the next weekday into the Police Lost Property Center in Gothenburg. .

The same day you lost something

Talk to one of the staff on site.

From the day after you lost something

Contact the Police Lost Property Center (Polisens Hittegodscentral) on Odinsgatan 28 B in Gothenburg. More information and opening hours can be found by visiting the Swedish Police’s website.

In case of theft

If something has been stolen from you, make a police report as soon as possible.

The Gothenburg Culture Festival has permission from the City of Gothenburg to keep the sound levels at a maximum of 97 decibels.

See timetables at vasttrafik.se. Västtrafiks customer service has telephone number 0771-41 43 00. Make sure to follow the COVID-19 restrictions set by the public health department.

On www.goteborg.com you will find lots of information about Gothenburg.

If you want to talk to someone in person, you are welcome to visit Gothenburg Tourist Office at Kungsportsplatsen 2. You can also reach them on telephone number 031-368 42 00 or by sending an email to turistinfo@goteborg.com